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Focusing on the various problems and concerns in our life brings about different results. These results can usually be due to effort we give to a particular goal or problem. Sometimes, they are the manifestation of the ideas and thoughts that dictate where we put our energy. When we want to have a particular outcome, we play a huge role in the what, where, how, and why of focusing our thoughts and energy to obtain a specific result. Many people may have different ways of seeing this concept, but it is really quite simple. Where you put your focus, impacts the result or outcome.

Many people go through life thinking negatively. This is counter-productive to thinking about success. We find it is difficult to gain what we want when we focus on all the things that are wrong in our life, or not working, or just plain broken. Shifting that way of thinking into an approach that is more positive, can actually help reverse the negative flow of energy in our lives. If you find yourself walking around complaining all the time about the things you don't have, or the bills that are not being paid, or your health, that negativity will drag you down rather quickly. On the other hand, thinking of the things that are going right in your world and finding blessings of health, maybe good friends, and even the ability to enjoy something fun, can create a positive flow of energy that can be built upon for the future.

What we focus on, we tend to receive. Some people call it a law of attraction, when we place our thinking in different places - positive or negative, good or bad. We have a lot of control in how we respond and engage with all the different places where outcomes are possible. We can choose for ourselves what we want in our life. If we need to give up people who are tearing us down, then we might find that to be an important decision to help us move forward. If we need to think about how we will be successful in finding a job, or getting a new house, eventually it will happen when we put out our effort and desire. Doubt and despair play their part, and we are free to embrace that thinking and energy as well. We get to decide for ourselves the story we create. We do not have to be not blown about by the wind unless we have decided to give up. Creating patterns of positive thinking, can change our outlook on living life. We own the power...we should use it.

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