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Financial Assistance

This page provides information on the financial services available in this practice. Please call with any questions about these options.


Insurances Accepted

  • First Choice Health
  • Regence BlueShield of Washington state (and Regence affiliates).
  • Cigna
  • Premera Blue Cross (and Premera affiliates)
  • Out Of Network (OON) - with advance client payment in full on day of service.


Full co-pays are required if paying through insurance. A statement can be created for out of network insurance reimbursement if requested.

Military Discount

Active duty and active reserve U.S. Military service members (all branches of service including the National Guard) who are seeking counseling help receive a 20% discount off of the calculated or standard rate as it applies in out of pocket expenses, for all counseling services and fee-for-service assessments or evaluations provided through this practice.


This discount cannot be combined with the Open Path program. Active duty or reserve military identification (issued by the D.O.D.), is required for verification. The Intake fee is included in this discount. For insurance based services, co-pays cannot be included in this benefit.

LPC Discount Code

On occasion, a code is offered below for a discount on services. Restrictions will apply, and are noted in the offer with an expiration date.

Current Offer: 


Open Path Program

(To access this site, click the logo).


A limited number of new or existing clients are accepted through this program in my practice. This program offers you a reduced cost per session after you pay a lifetime membership fee of $49 to Open Path. You will still need to establish an intake (via the appointment page of this website after your basic profile is set up), or a paper intake upon arrival.


The fee for this service per session after the membership fee is paid, is a flat rate of $60 for individual clients, and $80 for couples. Family services are not offered under this program within this practice. (The intake visit does not count against your 10 sessions, but the rate is the same. There is no intake fee).


This program has specific conditions for usage as it applies to this practice. Please call for details.