COVID-19 Advisory

STATUS UPDATE (04/23/2021 – Indefinite):

OFFICE CLOSED TO PUBLIC ACCESS – Video-conferencing sessions offered.

As the world continues to struggle with and manage the impact of this devastating virus, exposure and health risks continue to exist. Life Path Counseling PLLC, as a healthcare based practice, is obligated to ensure the safety and well-being of its’ clients and to decrease the risk of exposure. To that end, the following measures to continue providing services are in effect:

The Client Portal on the website home page, is active for current clients to access and for those who wish to register as a new client to request an appointment. All new clients who have completed the onboarding process or otherwise have requested service but have not yet been seen, will be contacted for scheduling of video-conferencing services. Existing clients will need to continue using video conferencing sessions as well, in order to receive services.

The practice office space will remain closed to clients for direct in-person access for the foreseeable future. To reopen and resume normal in-person service delivery, this practice has established the following metrics that must be satisfied:

1). Pierce County must be at Phase 4 status (or its termed equivalent), with a minimum of 91 consecutive days in that phase, and

2). No Less than 71% of Pierce County’s population is reported as fully vaccinated. This metric is valid only AFTER the first metric is fulfilled and maintained at the time the second metric is fulfilled.

If the county decreases into a lower phase at any time during or after the established above metrics are satisfied for this practice, services will immediately return to virtual operations. This will also reset the metrics to the same qualifications should the county re-attain Phase 4 status. The resistance or refusal from those against being vaccinated or to use safety precautions, creates the systemic issue of the virus being spread. Encourage your family and friends to get vaccinated and use recommended safety precautions from the CDC. Get vaccinated yourself, along with any boosters being offered by healthcare professionals and approved locations.

The volatility of the risk of exposure to and from the public has become largely unpredictable as well as unstable, and therefore needs to be avoided as much as possible. The situation regarding this virus is being monitored closely in consultation with the local and state health authorities. The business phone line for this practice will remain open during regular hours for contact. The Email address is available 24/7 for your convenience. Both are located on the Contact page. Your health and safety are extremely important during this time, and your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated. Please check this page for updates.

Here is the link for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, concerning COVID-19: .
You may access the rest of this site freely with the links above, for information about this practice.

Thank you.

Shawn Thomas Berthel, M.S., LCMHC