Therapy Approach

Traditionally, the goal of therapy is to provide assistance to clients in creating change in the affected areas of their life. It is hoped that you experience an increase in your ability to function more effectively. Support systems normally available to families and individual persons are encouraged. It is important to understand that therapy is most effective when you fully participate in the therapeutic process, by following the suggestions offered, and being open to doing things that may at first be uncomfortable but can aid in the effectiveness of therapy.

There is no guarantee of success in counseling. Counseling plans may be developed and reviewed over time based on your specific needs, and is done in collaboration with you as needed to achieve your desired goals. Clients are given the tools to create self-empowerment and are supported through the process of counseling to create needed change. No client is ever left to their own devices in figuring things out. Concepts involving change are broken down into stages, and often homework is assigned to augment the counseling sessions. Through this process, changes can have a better chance of taking shape in the client’s life.

My therapeutic orientation in working with clients is largely Person-Centered. However, other clinical approaches can be used with you when and where appropriate to address the issues being faced in your life. Behavioral Health services in this practice include such approaches as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Intervention; Play Therapy, (in cases of child level counseling using playtime engagement with proper arrangement); Motivational Interviewing; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; Mindfulness/Meditation; Solution Focused Brief Therapy; and Holistic or Integrative counseling, to name a few.

The therapeutic alliance that is created with you is the result of a strong foundation of empathy, compassion, and unconditional positive regard for you as a whole and complete person – regardless of your specific background. Whatever your issue or concern, may you find me to be a compassionate person who is willing to help you journey through those challenges as you seek change on your life path. 

Services at Life Path Counseling in Tacoma, WA can be tailored to your needs.