Life Path Counseling
Create Your Path To A Better Future.

Mission & Philosophy

This mission statement and practice philosophy is offered to benefit all people who seek services:

Mission Statement

Provide affordable quality counseling services under appropriate standards of care to individuals, couples, and families.

Offer counseling services to clients without regard of race, age, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender non-conformity, marital status, economic status, mental health issue(s) (where appropriate for service), or other factors that might be grounds for discrimination. 

Recognize the diverse needs of clients, and that no one model or approach to counseling practice will fit each client equally. 

Support clients in their exploration of their concerns and life issues, and empower those clients to make desired changes.

Abide by all governing laws of the mental health profession, and the guidelines which promote ethical business practices. 

Operate from a place of ethics and sound counseling principles that do not harm the clients served in this practice. 

Assist in the healing of human suffering and struggle. 

Be an agent of change for clients who seek counseling services, ever remembering that they are human beings with fears, hopes, and dreams. 

Advocate as an additional voice for clients who need support to achieve optimal functional living. 

Represent the health and wellness professions in the community as an example of holistic care and quality service to all clients.

Practice Philosophy

In this private practice, compassion for and toward everyone regardless of who they are with the desire to help them, is the strongest bond which forms all friendships, all communication, and all understanding of the human condition. Without the embracing of this simple concept, the path of peaceful interaction is impossible to attain. 

This practice meets people where they are in their own life, embracing them with compassion, and helps them grow into their fullest good potential. 

 All people, deserve and will always be treated with respect for their inherent worth. 

 Clients are partners in the counseling process, and as such have the absolute right to offer input on the course of their counseling care. 

 Each person is free to exercise their right to discern their own truth and live it authentically. 

 In this practice, there is no discrimination of any kind…everyone is fully equal. 

 Regardless of the path from where one comes when seeking assistance, all are offered without judgment an open hand to aid them on their journey through this life. This private practice embraces the concept of unconditional positive regard. 

 The path of personal life development is found on multiple levels, and this practice embraces a holistic approach to help those in need achieve their highest good. 

 This practice recognizes the therapeutic engagement and bond that is created in counseling work, and will maintain confidentiality standards in client communications as required and as permitted by applicable law. 

Humor is used in this practice as appropriate, thus serving as a healing force in a person's life.