Service Fees

The following information represents the fees for counseling and other services, as well as details regarding payment options for clients. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

**Effective September 16, 2017: All payments made by credit or debit card will incur a 3% fee added to total bill, to cover the processing costs through Square.

Counseling Fees: 

Individual Counseling: $125.00 per hour (or fraction thereof).
Couples Counseling: $150.00 per hour (or fraction thereof).
Family Counseling: $175.00 per hour (or fraction thereof).
Intake Fee: $25.00 (Added to selected counseling service for first appointment only. Charged as one fee under “Intake” on invoice).
EAP (individual):  Covered service by contract – no payment from clients.

**(Sessions are 45 minutes, unless otherwise arranged. Intake session is 90 minutes and charged accordingly as “time+intake fee”.**

Note: As services are rendered, you may either pay for your services or co-pay as appropriate in person by cash, check, or Square. If you have an unpaid balance, you will receive an invoice by Email from me that is linked to Brightbook. You may make your payment right from the Emailed invoice, using your debit or credit card. A receipt will be provided by Email for payments regardless of the method of payment.

Special Services:

After Hour Session Fee: $30 per hour added to counseling rate for all sessions scheduled from 6PM-8PM  M-Th. No after hour sessions scheduled on Fridays or weekends. Private pay clients only.


Holiday Session Fee: $75 per hour added to counseling rate for all sessions scheduled on any holiday or observed occasion closure, 9AM-8PM  M-Th. No holiday sessions scheduled on Fridays or weekends. Private pay clients only.


Clinical Evaluations: $400.00 (Allow four hours to complete clinical interview. Comprehensive assessment and report. May not be accepted in Superior court).


Professional Consultations: $225.00 per hour. (Not for counseling or court testimony. Used for general third party professional counseling advice or clinical guidance on client cases).


Pro. Witness Court Testimony: $250.00 per hour (three hour minimum charged).


Witness Testimony Pre-trial Interview: $200.00 per hour (by phone or in person – one hour minimum charged).


Clinical File Review:  $200.00 per hour. (Trial prep for professional witness testimony – one hour minimum charged).


Client Payment Assistance:
Important: Limited insurance is accepted at this time (in and out of network – see below). Additionally, payment plans for all counseling services are accepted (even under discounted services), however full co-pays are required if paying by insurance. If a payment plan is needed for non-insurance payments or uncovered portions of insurance benefits, a binding payment contract will need to be completed. Specific terms are provided in the contract. A statement can be created for out of network insurance reimbursement if requested. Please note, that payment plans are not available for intake sessions. Intake sessions need to be paid in full.

* Open Path Psychotherapy Collective: A limited number of new or existing clients are accepted for up to 10 individual counseling sessions through this program in my practice. This program offers you a reduced cost per session after you pay a lifetime membership fee of $49 to Open Path. You will still need to establish a client profile through the EHR system (via the appointment page of this website after your basic profile is set up), or a paper intake upon arrival. My fee for this service per session after the membership fee is paid, is a flat rate of $50. (The intake visit does not count against your 10 sessions, and the rate is the same). 

PROGRAM TERMS AND CONDITIONS (specific to this practice): This program is reserved for individual clients seeking services with extremely low income levels (poverty level as defined by federal standards), who already receive some form of state or county sponsored assistance (i.e. food stamps, childcare allowance, housing allowance, etc). Income verification is generally required for eligibility. Proof of Open Path membership is required. When the provided sessions are exhausted, regular calculated rates will apply if you wish to continue counseling services. If you leave counseling services before exhausting the number of sessions provided; fail to appear or schedule with or without cause for more than 30 days; or you convert to regular calculated rates, then you cannot use the program in my practice again for at least six (6) months and one (1) day from the date of the last completed visit while under it. Services for after hours; holiday scheduled sessions; clinical evaluations; group counseling (when offered); couples or family counseling; or other forms of non-individual regular counseling, do not qualify for assistance under this program in my practice.

Military Discount

* Active duty and reserve U.S. Military service members (all branches of service including the National Guard) who are seeking counseling help receive a 20% discount off of the calculated or standard rate as it applies, for all counseling services provided through this practice. This discount cannot be combined with the Open Path program. Active duty or reserve military identification (issued by the D.O.D.), is required for verification.

Insurances Accepted

  • First Choice Health 
  • Out of Network